Masai Mara National Reserve

A River of Wildlife

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The global renown of the Masai Mara National Reserve is justified by a multitude of reasons, actually, thousands of them. Primarily, the allure stems from the presence of majestic big cats; the park’s acacia-studded savannas are teeming with multiple prides of lions, as well as sleek leopards and agile cheetahs, gracefully navigating the grasslands and traversing the undulating hills.

Yet, the spectacle doesn’t end there – it’s the thousands, sometimes even millions, of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles embarking on a ceaseless journey across the Mara, an awe-inspiring phenomenon known as the Great Migration. This wildlife extravaganza stands unparalleled, an unrivaled display of nature’s grandeur.

The sheer density of creatures within the Mara guarantees an engrossing safari experience, as you engage in spotting Africa’s renowned “Big Five” – lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants, and rhinos. Moreover, the park harbors an astounding array of 95 other mammal species, from elegant giraffes to spirited antelopes, elands, topis, as well as a dynamic array of foxes, jackals, hyenas, and a vibrant avian symphony enveloping the park’s canopy.

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Masai Mara National Reserve Safari Packages?

10 Days Kenya Luxury Safari

Fly-in safari, 4x4 Jeep

Amboseli national Park, Masai Mara National Reserve

9 Days Kenya Luxury Safari

Fly-in safari, 4x4 Jeep

Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve and Masai Mara

9 Days Kenya Safari and Beach

Fly-in safari, 4x4 Jeep

Masai Mara National Reserve, Diani Beach

Meet the Masai

They are the aboriginal people that have lived on these lands for hundreds of years and for which the great park is named. Easily recognizable in their bright plaid wraps or shukas, you’ll see the men shepherding their cattle and goats, supporting their pastoral live style.

While at the park, make time to visit one of their local villages, where you can meet the Masai, visit their bomas, and learn about their culture and ceremonies. You may even partake in one of their famous jumping dances!

The Masai are also stewards of the areas surrounding the Masai Mara, specially protected tracks of land called conservancies. You may want to visit these lightly touristed areas as well since the wildlife are plentiful and you may even enjoy the company of a Maasai guide.

We’ll be happy to arrange for a visit to a Masai village or a conservancy right near the park.

Masai Mara Migration
When to Visit?

The big cats and the dozens of wildlife species don’t have any downtime during the year – there are always in sight on the great savannahs of this storied park.

The climate here is mild and generally sunny year-round. So, the game viewing is excellent any time you choose to go on safari.

However, the park is known for its peak migration season from July through October. These are the months you can expect to witness thousands upon thousands of wildebeests, zebra, and gazelle invading the park on their annual trek for water and more sustainable grasses.

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