Kenya Safari FAQs

Safari FAQs

Welcome to the Safari FAQs page of Access to Kenya Safaris, your premier resource for all things related to unforgettable wildlife adventures in Kenya and Tanzania! We understand that planning a safari can be an exciting yet complex endeavour, which is why we have curated this comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions to address your queries and provide invaluable insights.

Whether you seek information about our diverse East Africa safari packages, accommodation options, wildlife encounters, or any other aspect of your safari journey, you’ll find the answers you need right here. Explore our Safari FAQs and embark on a remarkable safari experience that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

1. What do we mean by unlimited game viewing drives?
We understand that you came to safari in Africa to view our varied and numerous wildlife and to be immersed in our natural world. We will make sure that prime game viewing times will be utilized so you can view as much as possible.

Guide by 4×4 safari jeep for a game viewing drive

Your safari tour driver/guide and 4×4 Jeep are at your disposal at all possible times for the most exciting game viewing.

We however must respect the national park authorities’ park rules. This means we can only participate in game drives from the hours of 6:30 am to 6 pm.

The viewing time and pace of your game drives are also flexible. You can choose to add game drives or skip some, shorten or lengthen others, and also enjoy the relaxing facilities of your safari lodge/ tented camp accommodation.

2. Do you offer group sharing safari tours at Africa Kenya Safaris?
Almost all safari tours operated by Africa Kenya Safaris are private per booking and are operated in our own pop-up top 4×4 Jeeps with a dedicated tour driver/guide.

Our guests can form their own private groups to travel together as families or friends.

We do not offer tour groups from individual bookings for medium/long-range safari tours. This is to allow for flexibility, customization, pace, and choice of safari lodge/camp preference.

However, Africa Kenya Safaris does offer short/small group tours which we operate on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of every week

3.Does Africa Kenya Safaris provide complimentary extras to its safari guests?
We are Kenyans and known throughout the world for our hospitality!

Wherever and whenever possible we always bring this spirit of hospitality and complimentary services to our safari guests. For instance, we provide Meet and Greet services at the Nairobi airport and hotel shuttle transfers during your arrival and departure in Nairobi.

Other complimentary tourist services include general Kenya destination and safari assistance as may be requested/required by you.

4. Is there Wi-Fi at the safari lodges & tented camps on safari?
Almost all safari lodges/tented camp accommodations during your safari provide free Wi-Fi. You’ll find this available in all three accommodation levels – economy, comfort, and luxury.

Wi-Fi is provided in the public areas of the safari lodges/tented camps including the reception, dining areas, and lounge. It is not provided in the individual rooms/tents.

4×4 safari jeep interior showing radio equipment and WiFi connection

We also provide free Wi-Fi in our 4×4 Safari jeeps that receive a Wi-Fi signal about 70% of the time, depending on network coverage

6. Do you provide drinking water on safari?

East Africa is within the tropics and near the Equator, separating the northern and southern hemispheres. The tropical temperatures are relatively high on the safari route and even within the national parks/game reserves.

Because you’ll need to frequently hydrate during your safari, we ensure unlimited supplies of drinking water.

All our vehicles are fitted with a cooler box or mini fridge with a constant supply of cool, bottled water.

We replenish our supplies of drinking water during stops along the safari route.

Here’s everything you need to know about packing for your safari trip.

7. Can we request an extra night/day on safari while on the group sharing tour?

It is usually not possible to extend your group sharing safari.

This is because you share your safari Jeep with the other travelers in your group. And you need to leave and return to Nairobi as a group.

Additionally, an extension would be subject to the availability of extended time at your accommodation.

If all group tour participants agreed to such an extension and if there is availability at the accommodation, then it would be possible.

An extra day on safari would also require an additional charge.

9. Can we choose a favorite tour driver/guide from the online reviews or driver/guide profiles?
We proud to have the best tour guides in the business.

Joseph Mbotte – Safari guide at Africa Kenya Safaris
We are happy to let our guests choose their special preference for any individual driver/guide a guest may have learned about from either recommendations or online reviews.

This is however subject to the guide’s availability.

Should he not be available, rest assured you will still have your choice of many excellent guides from our outstanding team.

10. Are mosquito nets provided in safari lodge rooms/tents?
We carefully research and choose our selection of safari lodges and tented camps to offer the best in terms of comfort, relaxation, amenities, and atmosphere during your safari.

We fully understand the need for your protection against mosquitos and other insects.

All rooms/tents during your safari are fitted with mosquito nets or are insect-proofed to protect you against bites.

Tented camp showing bedroom with mosquito nets

You are also advised to use insect repellent to further protect yourself especially outdoors in the evenings.

11. Do you have a maximum number of persons allowed to sleep in one safari room/tent?
The maximum number of persons allowed in one room/tent is 3 and can be accommodated in a double bed and a single bed or with 3 single beds.

Room with double bed in a Masai Mara safari lodge
Where 4 persons or more are traveling together and prefer to stay in one room/tent, we may book them in 2 rooms with interconnecting doors.

For those that prefer to stay close to family or friends, we will try to book them in adjacent tents/rooms.

Some safari lodges/camps have family units that will accommodate a maximum of 4 persons. This however includes an extra charge.

All safari rooms/tents are private with their own bathroom/toilet.

12. Is it possible to store excess luggage while on safari?
We understands that your holiday travel may be lengthy and could involve different activities during your trip. You may find the need to store some of your luggage at various times.

You can safely store your extra luggage at our Nairobi or Mombasa offices for safekeeping until you have completed your safari.

This is a free service extended to all our safari guests.

Packing luggage for an East African safari holiday tour

Additionally, your 4×4 safari Jeep accommodates generous luggage space in its rear luggage compartment.

13. What is the size/weight limit allowance for each traveler’s luggage in the safari Jeep?
Your safari tour Jeep has a generous luggage compartment at the rear and can comfortably carry 6 suitcases with an average of 25 – 30 kgs (50-60 lbs.) each

You may also carry hand luggage with valuable items inside the safari jeep.

We suggest that you utilize soft-sided suitcases for ease of storage in the safari vehicle and also to minimize damage during the sometimes bumpy safari road trips.

14. Do you offer special discounts or incentives for a honeymoon safari or those traveling with children?
We are a friendly and sensitive tour operator. We appreciate our guests’ special life moments such as anniversaries, birthdays, and special events.

Whether you are holidaying as honeymooners or a family traveling with kids, we are happy to extend a discount or offer other extras to enhance your holiday safari experience.

Please let us know about any events, special occasions, etc. happening during your safari tour when you make your booking.

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