Kenya Travel Advice

Kenya Travel Advice

Before embarking on your journey, it’s crucial to have the latest travel insights directly from the experts at Access To Kenya Safaris. Here’s essential advice for your Kenya travel:


Safety & Security:

While concerns about travel safety in Kenya arise due to past incidents, it’s important to note that these events occurred far from the main tourism hubs. Security measures have been intensified at airports and hotels in Nairobi. Access To Kenya Safaris’ experienced safari experts personally visited in 2015, ensuring safety with seamless itineraries, private drivers, and a 24/7 emergency hotline.


Money & Spending:

The Kenyan Shilling is the national currency. Although US Dollars are widely accepted, local currency is recommended for everyday expenses. Only bills printed after 2006 are preferred due to counterfeit concerns. Banking facilities and ATMs are accessible, and major credit cards are accepted.



Tipping for good service is customary. A 10% tip is typical in city restaurants, and some hotels add a service charge. Detailed tipping guidelines are available through Access To Kenya Safaris’ experts.



Average summer temperatures range from 20°C / 68°F to 34°C / 93°F, while winter temperatures vary between 18°C / 64°F and 29°C / 84°F. Rainy seasons are mid-March to June (‘long rains’) and October to December (‘short rains’). For specific wildlife-viewing times and the Masai Mara migration, refer to the best time to visit Kenya.


What to Pack:

For a Kenya safari, pack light, casual wear in neutral tones. A warm jacket is essential for evening game drives. Refer to the Africa Safari Guide for a comprehensive packing guide.



Kenya values courtesy and manners, especially in conservative areas influenced by Islam. When photographing locals, ask permission and be prepared for requests. Kenyans are generally friendly, making interactions a pleasure.


Flights & Getting Around:

Access To Kenya Safaris offers flight booking services. Major airports include Jomo Kenyatta International, Wilson Airport, and Moi Mombasa International. Charter flights are recommended to navigate dirt roads. Road transfers utilize mini buses or open-sided 4X4s for game drives.


Visa & Passport Requirements:

Visas are required for most visitors, available upon arrival. Valid passports are needed, and visas are valid for three months from entry. Some Commonwealth citizens are exempt. Consult Access To Kenya Safaris for comprehensive visa details.


About Kenya: History & Economy:

Independence from Britain in 1963 marked a new chapter for Kenya, rooted in a history dating back to prehistoric times. The country has a diverse economy, with agriculture and tourism playing significant roles.


People & Culture:

Kenya boasts a youthful population, diverse ethnic groups, and official languages of English and Swahili. Christianity is dominant, with a Muslim minority.


Landscape & Wildlife:

Kenya’s landscape includes the Rift Valley and varied regions. Wildlife thrives in national parks and reserves, with the famous wildebeest migration captivating visitors. Parks like the Masai Mara deliver exceptional game viewing.

With Access To Kenya Safaris‘ expert advice, you can explore Kenya with confidence, from wildlife-rich landscapes to local cultures and beyond.

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